Eolas Capital provides solicitation services to asset management firms ("Partner Managers") as part of their investment advisory services. Eolas Capital is compensated for the endorsement of the Partner Manager in accordance with the Form ADV Part 2A disclosures and the fee table as both document are disclosed on this website. Eolas Capital does not represent a recommendation of any particular security, investment strategy, investment product of a Partner Manager and is acting only as a solicitor. Any material conflicts of interest on the part of Eolas Capital in giving the endorsement resulting from the Partner Manager’s relationship with Eolas Capital and/or a description of any compensation arrangement, provided, is included in the disclosure documents. Information with respect to Partner Manager’s investment management services have been provided and approved for distribution by the Partner Manager. Eolas Capital does not warrant or guarantee the information’s completeness or accuracy.

This website describes the provision of working capital and a range of operational support services for which Eolas Capital receives a revenue share as compensation from a Partner Manager including from investment manager partners of its parent company and affiliate, Channel Capital. In this arrangement, such services are not considered to be investment advice and Eolas Capital is not acting as an investment adviser. These services are not intended to be, nor should it be construed or used as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy interests or shares in any investment product or private funds offered by the Partner Managers.


Rose A. Huening-Clark

Chief Operating Officer
Eolas Capital

Rose is our Chief Operating Officer and heads up Eolas’ Client Implementation.  Rose is also a member of the Investment Management Committee. She is the primary project manager coordinating the launch of products as well as between clients, Eolas and Channel Capital during the implementation phase.  She is also the primary oversight for Eolas’ internal and external compliance and IT operations. Additionally, Rose serves as a director of EC Sage Fund GP 1, LLC.

Rose was previously the Head of Business Management and Collective Funds at Mellon Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon.  Rose oversaw the operation and management of the BNY Mellon Collective Funds managed by Mellon employees as dual officers of the Bank of New York Mellon.  She was also the general business manager for the firm’s San Francisco office.  Prior to the merger which created Mellon Investment Corporation, Rose was the Head of Global Client Experience and Solutions Delivery at Mellon Capital Management.  She was responsible for day-to-day client experience, including client onboarding, client service, reporting, performance, and billing.

Rose has been in information technology, project management and management consulting since 1986 and in the investment industry since 1989.  Prior to joining Mellon Capital in 2006, she was cofounder and principal at StraightLine Associates, a management consulting firm.  Prior experience includes being the general manager / CEO at Proxicom Gmbh (a US subsidiary Internet consulting firm in Munich, Germany), where she was responsible for all German sales, operations, marketing, and solutions delivery; director of solutions delivery at Proxicom US; vice president of accounting and financial systems at Montgomery Securities; and director of customer systems and information technology at Nextel Communications; and developer for the Pacific Stock Exchange Options Trading floor.

Rose was the winner of the Proxicom 1999 People’s Choice Leadership Award, and Nextel Communications 1995 Total Customer Satisfaction award.  Rose earned a BS in computer information systems from DeVry Institute of Technology.