Eolas Capital provides solicitation services to asset management firms ("Partner Managers") as part of their investment advisory services. Eolas Capital is compensated for the endorsement of the Partner Manager in accordance with the Form ADV Part 2A disclosures and the fee table as both document are disclosed on this website. Eolas Capital does not represent a recommendation of any particular security, investment strategy, investment product of a Partner Manager and is acting only as a solicitor. Any material conflicts of interest on the part of Eolas Capital in giving the endorsement resulting from the Partner Manager’s relationship with Eolas Capital and/or a description of any compensation arrangement, provided, is included in the disclosure documents. Information with respect to Partner Manager’s investment management services have been provided and approved for distribution by the Partner Manager. Eolas Capital does not warrant or guarantee the information’s completeness or accuracy.

This website describes the provision of working capital and a range of operational support services for which Eolas Capital receives a revenue share as compensation from a Partner Manager including from investment manager partners of its parent company and affiliate, Channel Capital. In this arrangement, such services are not considered to be investment advice and Eolas Capital is not acting as an investment adviser. These services are not intended to be, nor should it be construed or used as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy interests or shares in any investment product or private funds offered by the Partner Managers.


Alex B. Over

Head of Distribution
Eolas Capital

Alex is Director, Head of Eolas Funds, responsible for the launch and ongoing coordination of Eolas Securities Funds, and Head of Distribution where he oversees Sales and Product Strategy. He is also a shareholder of the firm and a member of the Investment Management Council, responsible for assisting with the selection of partner managers.​

Before joining Eolas, Alex served as Global Head of Distribution for Mellon Investments Corporation, where he was directly responsible for management of the firm’s US Institutional Sales and Consultant Relations teams and indirectly responsible for the firm’s distribution activities (effected thru BNY Mellon) in the US Intermediary / Sub-Advisory channel; EMEA and APAC. Alex also served as director of Harborwalk Alternatives GP (Hedge Funds) and director of Mellon Investments (UK) Ltd, and Standish Mellon Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd. He was also a member of the firm’s Senior Management Committee.​

Prior to joining Mellon Investments Alex was Head of Global Sales & Product Strategy for Standish Mellon Asset Management. During this time, he also served as CEO of Standish Mellon Asset Management (UK) Limited.​

Alex previously served as Senior Vice President & Head of Marketing for Pareto Partners in London, an active quantitative manger with expertise in Currency Overlay, GTAA and Global Fixed Income strategies. He was also Head of Product Management for Bankers Trust Global Securities Services (London, New York, and Hong Kong) and held senior sales and marketing positions at The WM Company and County Nat West Investment Management earlier in his career. Alex has over 35 years’ global distribution experience.​

Alex holds a Diploma in Accountancy from City of London University and is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).